Conferences, Competitions & Courses

Throughout the year the Engineering Society attends several conferences and competitions that are open to all engineering students. All undergraduate engineering students are welcome to apply. A delegation will be selected after an application and interview process has taken place. Check below for any open applications, be sure to watch out for deadlines! For more information contact the VP External.


ESLC 2018 is held by the Engineering Society at UBC on September 15th and is free to attend for all undergraduate engineering students. The purpose of ESLC is to bring together student leaders to share expertise and knowledge and to strengthen the relationships between engineering clubs/organizations and the engineering community on campus.
The event hosts a variety of sessions including sponsorship, how to promote your club, how to effectively use resources on campus, etc. There will also be round-table discussions and strategic planning sessions. 


The CFES President’s meeting is an intimate gathering between the CFES Board of Directors, the National Executive, and VP Externals from member schools. This meeting serves as an introduction to the CFES and a chance to deeply understand your role as a member and stakeholder of the organization, a chance to network with fellow engineering societies, informational sessions, and preparation for CFES Congress. PM 2019 will be held in Kelowna, British Columbia on September 26-29.


Each year WESST hosts the Annual General Meeting and Retreat (AGMR). This year it takes place in Gimli and is hosted by the University of Manitoba from October 11-14. AGMR consists of the WESST Annual General Meeting, including the election of the new WESST Executive and presentations for bids to host the next AGMR; Sessions and discussions on leadership development and non-profit organization management; WESST Olympics, where each delegation brings a team-building event; and networking and social time to develop bonds between schools. AGMR is a great way to get involved with the Engineering Society, especially for first years!


The Okanagan Engineering Competition is an annual competition held by the Engineering Society at UBC. OEC 2019 will be taking place on October 19th. Students can compete in a multitude of categories for the chance to participate in the Western Engineering Competition. Placing Top 2 at WEC 2020 will qualify the team for the Canadian Engineering Competition. 



The Conference on Diversity in Engineering is a conference for engineering students across Canada to promote discussion on the topic of diversity in the engineering field.  CDE 2019 will be held at Western University on November 1-4. Delegates who attend will have the opportunity to meet and hear from successful, interesting and talented speakers sharing their experience and knowledge on how to embrace diversity to better address complex, interdisciplinary problems of society; better understand the issues pertaining to diversity in engineering; and network and meet other engineering students from schools across Canada.


The Conference on Sustainability in Engineering (CSE) is a three-day national conference to educate and engage engineering students on issues of sustainability and how they can tackle it within their engineering career and everyday life. 

CSE provides a stage for engineering students across Canada to discuss innovative ideas and learn from fellow students and professionals in order to further their understanding of sustainability in the Engineering field. CSE 2020 will be held at the University of Waterloo from February 21-24.


CFES Congress is an annual, bi-lingual, student-run conference that has two primary objectives. The first is that CFES Congress is the annual general meeting of the CFES and the second is that it provides a platform from which students can collaborate with and learn from our industry partners, sponsors and fellow students. Attracting between 150 and 200 delegates from over 40 engineering schools, CFES Congress is a great opportunity to reach out and engage engineering student leaders from every institution and field of engineering. 


Held annually in January, the Western Engineering Competition (WEC) provides an opportunity for the qualifying undergraduate engineering students in Western Canada to develop their skills in fast-paced, hands-on engineering challenges, and qualify for the national Canadian Engineering Competition. Western Engineering Competition 2020 will be hosted by the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon from January 22-26. 


 The Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) brings together 150 of the most innovative and creative engineering undergraduate students from across the nation to compete against each other in design, consulting, presentation and debate. Each competition category at CEC challenges its participants to expand their frame of reference and to identify solutions to problems experienced by our profession. CEC 2019 will be held at the University of Waterloo.


WESST Executives’ Meeting, held in early May, is a region-wide transition meeting for the executives of WESST member societies. EM is a leadership conference that helps bridge the knowledge gap, through sessions held by students, alumni, faculty, and industry personnel on documentation, leadership, communication, and other organizational behavior seminars.


Lean 6 Sigma (L6S) is a ten-day L6S Green Belt certification course provided by trainers and professionals from the Canada Post Corporation. Throughout the course, lean management theory will be studied through lecture and case study analysis. On the final day of the course, an exam is given to students to evaluate their development. A final grade of 80% is required to pass the course. After results have been confirmed, successful students will be award a Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt.




Through our partnership with BEST (Board of European Students in Technology), all engineering students from a CFES member school are invited to apply to their complementary education courses all over Europe. These are short courses (usually 2 weeks in duration) that focus on a particular technical aspect "aimed at increasing and widening the professional knowledge in a certain field of technology, especially concerning modern technical applications of technology and the latest research achievements." 

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